Tic Tac Tongue-Puzzle Game


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  • 2 chameleon masks, 10 stand up goals, 10 game cards,
  • Requires 2 players
  • Ideal gift for kids
  • For children at or above 4 years

Let your kids become chameleon and compete with each other in licking the insect cards, making them learn number recognition and coordination under pressure. This Tic Tac Tongue Puzzle game is the perfect way for your kids to be competitive, learn hand-eye coordination, and most importantly, keep themselves away from the display screens unnecessarily.

What you get:

  • A perfect game for children. By wearing a chameleon mask, children blow out its expandable tongue and then use it for dismantling the cards having the pictures of the bugs – a nice competitive game for them to engage with thoroughly.
  • For adults as well: Not only children but also adults during family get-togethers can enjoy playing it.
  • A game for two. Since it’s a competitive game, it requires at least two people to play it. You may play with your friends to battle it out, with the winner being the person who drops the most insects-cards.

General rule: 10 stand-up goals are set in a line with each competitor on one side. The 10 game cards lay face down on one side. When each card is faced up, both the players need to dismantle the goals (insect cards) specific to that number. One with the most successful shots win.

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