Smart Chopping and Strainer Bowl


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  • The handy gadget is used to chop or clean
  • Hang it with pots - space saver
  • Made up of high-quality, food-grade material
  • Multi-functional, 9-in-1, food-prep bowl
  • Comes with 7 unique blades
  • Dishwasher safe

Perfect for the people who fancy themselves culinary pros, this versatile, Smart Chopping and Strainer Bowl comes with a unique straining feature that allows you to slice and clean your vegetables all in one bowl. Skip the tedious process of washing your vegetables in a strainer only to place them on a chopping board later. Equipped with 7 different blades, this handy kitchen device is a slicer, grater, and shredder all in one! It's a true time-saver! 

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