Cute Turtle Stuffed Animal Plush Toy


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  • Realistic, plush turtle toy
  • PP cotton filling
  • Different sizes available
  • A perfect cuddling partner
  • A great toy for kids
  • Large 55cm

Turtles are cute, we know that, but why should they remain in your smart devices and TV. Bring them home in your bedroom with this cute turtle stuffed animal toy. It’s plush, it’s adorable and it’s hand washable. What more do you need from a cuddling toy?

What you’ll get:

  • PP cotton filling: The toy is made of cotton and filled with plush PP cotton.
  • Realistic turtle shape: The turtle plush toy is fabricated exactly like a real turtle. The coastal shell, small bead-like black eyes, and flat, flappy legs – everything is so real-like.
  • A cuddling partner for you: Either make it your cuddling partner at nights or afternoon naps or give it as a gift to little kids. They can play with them and put them on their beds as decoration.

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