Boxing Reflex Ball Headband Set


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Stop using those heavy punching bags, the installation of which is a big headache, let alone the price they are sold at. Bring your boxing practice room anywhere with this simple boxing reflex ball headband set which is fit for beginners as well as professionals.

What you" ll get:

  • Do it anywhere: With just a headband tied to a rope and ball, it can be taken to the office, gym, outdoor, while you travel, or anywhere. Not big or bulky.
  • Adjustable: Kids and adults can wear it easily by adjusting to their head size, thanks to its Velcro adjustment, which provides a stronger grip as well.
  • For beginners and pros: The best thing about this equipment is both beginners and professionals can use it. A beginner will hit this ball a bit lower, a proficient will blow it horizontally at his/her eye level, advanced training will encompass punching the ball a bit upward, and the most advanced training will include rotating the body and punching the ball together.

Ball size: 3.14 in (diameter)

Rope Length: 29.5 in

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