Backpack Baby Changing Bag, Mat


Color: Black
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Beautifully made from high quality, durable fabrics, the Bizzi Growin POD bag is the essential must-have for any parent. This changing bag opens up into a travel cot - perfect for on the go naps for your baby or overnight visits. Stylish, lightweight, and designed with practicality in mind, the crib can be assembled in less than a minute and also includes a padded mattress to ensure your baby sleeps comfortably. The bag also includes multiple compartments for the baby's travel essentials and includes an insulated bottle pocket. In the words of Bizzi Growin "No need for bulky, heavy travel cots, just grab your travel bag and go!"

With our 2-in-1 diaper bag, all this is taken care of! This means you won't have to dread those outings anymore! 

Designed to convert into a changing/sleeping station, you no longer have to worry about using public changing tables, or helplessly letting your arm go numb because there's nowhere to put your little one down to sleep. Just pull out the back panel to reveal the extendable crib and changing area. And all within a 3-second-tops set-up process!

With its unique design, it will also make you look stylish without even trying. Plus, it goes all out on storage while still being comfortable to carry around.

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