Anti-Aging Eyelid Tape (Contains 100 Strips)


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The Anti-Aging Eyelid tape provides an instant eye lift to your flaccid and drooping eyelids for a rejuvenated and youthful look. They are 100% transparent, latex-free and hypoallergenic strips that can simply be peeled with a tweezer and applied the dry skin. Apply when you put on makeup in the morning and take them off before going to bed. These strips are safe and easy to use.


  • Youthful eyelids in an instant: These strips gently support and shape your eyelids, redesigning and transforming them for a natural lift.
  • No reapplication or pressure: The eyelid lift strips last the whole day, so you don’t have to worry about reapplications. They are extremely thin, colorless, transparent, and non-porous so no one will even notice that they are on. Apply them on your eyelids and simply forget you are wearing anything.
  • Easy & speedy application: No hard science or tens of steps involved in the application. Simply locate where you want the tape and place it there. Then, remove the covering on it, and voila, you are done. Fast and easy.
  • Affordable eyelift without surgeries: The product saves hundreds of dollars spent on surgeries and medical treatments to get attractive eyelift.
  • Enough amount to last a long time: The kit contains 100 strips which means you can apply them 50 times.


  1. Make sure you start with a clean, dry face.
    2. Gently and slowly peel eyelid lift tape strip from the backing with a tweezer end.
    3. Apply a tape strip just underneath your eye's natural crease.
    4. Use the flat end of the tweezer to gently and softly press the tape strip onto your eyelid up into the crease.
    5. Gently press and hold your fingers on the ends of the tape strip for 10 seconds to ensure a good adhesive bond.

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