Premium Ear Wax Removal Kit for Adults and Kids, Ear Irrigation to Relieving Blocked Earache

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Safely, Comfortable and Effective

Are you feeling of fullness in the ear and can't hear more sometime?

Are you feeling useless when using cotton to remove the wax?

If Yes, Our Ear Wax Removal Kit is your best choice to Safe Effective remove the ear Wax.

It is purposefully designed to remove stubborn ear wax, use water pressure to massage the ear canals, as the water flows, it gently any ear wax that has become stuck over time. It is the arguably safest and effective way to remove wax, which achieved an incredibly deep and thorough clean.

using immediately if you feel Pain.

2. It is normal to feel pressure but not pain. STOP immediately if you feel any pain and consult your physician for professional help

3.If used for children over 6 years old, and it must be used under the supervision of an adult or a professional physician. 

Package Inclusion/s: 1 set of Earwax Irrigation & Removal Kit includes...

  • 1 pc. Washer Bottle 
  • 1 pc. Ear Basin
  • 5 pcs Extra Tips 
  • 1 pc. Mini Bulb Syringe
  • 1 pc. Clean Brush 
  • 1 pc. User's Manual


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